Our Partners

  • National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) logo

    NIMHANS has been named ‘An Institute of National Importance’ by an act of the Parliament. It is a pioneering institution on mental health in the country, not only providing services to people but also conducting cutting-edge research in the fields of mental health and neuro sciences.

    When we took the idea of White Swan Foundation to NIMHANS director and vice chancellor, he readily agreed to our proposal to partner with us. It is a matter of great pride that we have the most reputed institution in the country on mental health as our partner. This portal is a result of the unconditional support, limitless enthusiasm and great sense of sharing that the psychiatrists, psychologists and other practitioners at NIMHANS displayed when we reached out to them.

    For more information on NIMHANS, please visit http://www.nimhans.ac.in

  • Mahiti Infotech logo

    When we needed help on technology to create a content delivery platform on the Internet, we turned to several service providers who have rich experience in creating portals. However, we were looking for an additional ability in the organization we wanted to work with. It should be able to better connect with the social causes and walk the extra mile to understand the social impact we intend to create. We found these traits in Mahiti, which has its roots in the development sector.

    Mahiti Infotech is an IT services company that offers end-to-end technology solutions to organizations around the world.

    For more information on Mahiti Infotech, please visit http://www.mahiti.org

  • TimeLoop logo

    As they say, visual content is far more powerful than written content. The knowledge that we offer on mental health tells a lot of stories, sometimes directly or sometimes hidden deep in the sentences. We were keen that these stories have a visual connect, which required us to work with photographers who understand the sensitivity of the subject and the potential power of the impact these content carry. We are fortunate to have found the young photographer duo of Varsha and Parthavi, who are the founders of TimeLoop.

    We are a young Bangalore-based company. Our belief is "do photograph, but photograph with creativity, a meaning and hope to be the cause of a conversation, a stir or just a simple smile".