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Overcoming Addiction

Substance abuse is a large problem in India today, and has a major impact not only on the person who has an addiction, but also their family, friends, coworkers and the community. The impact of substance abuse goes deeper than we can imagine.

Unfortunately, people who are struggling with substance abuse problems are seen as weak or lacking willpower. The prevailing belief is that the person can stop using the substance if they care to say 'no'. The fact is that addiction is a more complex issue. It affects the structure of the brain and makes the person incapable of taking strong decisions and sticking with them. 

A person with addiction can recover with the support of their friends, family and community. Learning more about their struggles enables us to support them in identifying their problem, seeking help and recovering.

This section focuses on the different aspects of substance abuse, including alcohol addiction, tobacco addiction and drug addiction, to name a few. 


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