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Ever wondered why someone you know, a friend or a relative, seems very sad and looks tired or dull for a long time? You may have noticed that the person ...

Depression in Children


It is normal to feel sad, hurt, upset and go through a range of emotions during one's growing years. For some children, however, these feelings may persist for a longer ...

Depression in Women


Women go through several biological phases in their lives - puberty, pregnancy, motherhood, post menstrual phase and old age. Each stage can be overwhelming in its own way. In some ...

Geriatric Depression (Depression in the Elderly)


Sundar, a 60-year-old gentleman was frequently complaining of bodyache although he was quite healthy. On some days, he would get irritated for no reason, throw tantrums and grumble at family ...

Depression and anxiety in children and adolescents


As a high achiever in school, Arshiya put pressure on herself to be the topper in her class. In her final year, she began getting anxious: Would she do well ...

Common Disorders


This section offers information on disorders that are most commonly reported in India. Symptoms such as depression or anxiety, which are sometimes perceived as minor stresses, can cause significant distress and gradually ...

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness


'Feeling happy and stress-free', 'managing emotions' and 'feeling a sense of mastery over life's challenges'. These were some of the responses we got from a large-scale survey we conducted among college-going youth in which we asked them to come up with personal meanings of being mentally healthy. These perspectives ...

The science of psychiatry


Asha, an 11th standard student, had been experiencing spells of fainting and episodes of unusual behavior for a few months. Her family was very worried and had taken her to several temples and faith healers. They were told that she was possessed. Having spent a lot of money and ...

Including mental health in your fitness regime


When you are doing well, why bother about your health? Given the rise in health consciousness, this may sound like a foolish question to ask. This implies that we are realizing the importance of preventing health problems and of enhancing fitness because we see its relevance in leading a ...

Interview: Yoga and mental health


Research in the past decade has produced enough evidence to prove that yoga is beneficial as an add-on treatment for various types of mental illnesses. Patrecia Preetham from White Swan Foundation spoke to Dr Shivarama Varambally, additional professor of psychiatry at NIMHANS. Here are the edited excerpts. How is yoga beneficial ...