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You would perhaps know that despite one in five of us experience a mental health issue in our lifetime, nearly 90% of us will never receive a professional support and care. This is the most painful fact in mental healthcare. Indeed, we need a much better services infrastructure. However, the bigger issue is our lack of knowledge and our inability to make right decisions around mental health issues.  

White Swan Foundation has been on a mission to address exactly this most fundamental problem of mental healthcare. We are on a mission to place the right knowledge of mental health in the hands of the people so that they are empowered to make right decisions.

This, we believe, will transform the mental healthcare space. 

Over the last more than six years, White Swan Foundation  has been delivering credible, accessible and inclusive  knowledge on mental health and wellbeing. Our services – available in six Indian languages – have helped people make informed decisions. 

Through this portal, India’s largest of its kind, our community outreach programs and innovative mass communications initiatives have helped millions of people change their perspective of mental health and have helped caregivers and persons with mental illnesses reach for help sooner. 

Our services are free and open for everyone around the world. As a non-profit organization, we are dependent on the support extended by our patrons who believe in our work and the impact we are creating in the mental healthcare space. Every contribution, however big or small, is so valuable for our future. 

In order to grow and serve larger number of people and deliver more innovative knowledge solutions in mental health, we need your support. Your donation will help address one of the most urgent problems of mental healthcare. 

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Should you need any more information on our work, please write to us at connect@whiteswanfoundation.org

We also request you to please spread the word around about our work so that many more benefit from it. 

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