Bringing up an emotionally healthy child

Bringing up an emotionally healthy child

Navigating relationships with Dr Rathna Isaac

The parent-child relationship is the most significant one in a person’s life. Parenting has a direct impact on the mental health of children. So how do we ensure we bring up children who can healthily handle their emotions? In this episode, Dr Rathna Isaac talks about the nuances of good parenting and recommends parenting best practices.

‘Navigating relationships with Dr Rathna Isaac’ is a fortnightly video column that talks about human relationships and their impact on our mental health. Each episode will share insights on the role of human connections in mental health.

Dr Rathna Isaac is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Bangalore, India. She has been practicing for close to two decades now. Her work focuses on adult mental health and relationships, with special focus on couple relationships. She also teaches and has published papers on the subject.

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