A movement starts with one person

Did you know that 85% of persons with mental illness don’t seek professional help? Why do they hold back? A significant cause is a lack of understanding of mental health, which in turn leads to an inability to recognise mental health issues and an environment that doesn’t acknowledge the need to address it.

Persons with mental illness require a stigma-free, supportive and nurturing environment to recover and to cope. This means that each one of us is a stakeholder in the mental healthcare system. We can help eliminate the fear, silence and secrecy around mental health by opening up conversations around it.

This is possible only through a people’s movement. A movement where we resolve to pick up the right knowledge on mental health in order to play a more constructive role.

White Swan Foundation’s Mission 10K is the launch of a people’s movement.

Mission 10K

White Swan Foundation’s Mission 10K is a unique public engagement program that aims to launch a people’s movement on mental healthcare. Mission 10K seeks to catalyze healthy dialogues on mental healthcare by reaching out to ten thousand people in October 2018.

The program will train 200 people, selected from all walks of life, in a four-hour workshop that will prepare them to be Mental Health Champions. These 200 Mental Health Champions will, in turn, commit to organize 90-minute conversations with at least 50 people, potentially creating 10,000 mental health enthusiasts, through the month of October.

Who is a Mental Health Champion?

If you are a Mental Health Champion, you are beginning to question the prevailing notions of mental illness and attitude towards people with mental illness. You also know that the only way we can create millions of mental health enthusiasts is by having hundreds of mental health champions like you.

This is a people’s movement and we invite people of all ages, gender and professions to join us with the passion to to catalyze change.

What is expected of a Mental Health Champion?

The 200 selected Mental Health Champions will be trained in a three-hour workshop conducted by White Swan Foundation. This workshop will assimilate applicants into the world of mental healthcare and prepare them to become champions of mental health education. The Mental Health Champion will commit to:

  • Engage with at least 50 people in a 90-minute discussion through October. They can conduct as many sessions as they want during the month. The total number of people reached out through their sessions should be at least 50.
  • Report about their experiences as champions on their login page

Be a part of Mission 10K

If you always wanted to be a part of a people’s movement, connect with the topic of mental health and want to influence change, this program is for you.