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Insecure attachments and BPD | MBT with Prof Anthony Bateman and Dr Ashlesha Bagadia

Attachment theory focuses on the impact of early parenting on the nature of relationships that a person has in the future. Prof Anthony Bateman describes attachment theory, its impact on an adult’s relationship and how this ties into understanding borderline personality disorder. Prof Anthony Bateman gives White Swan Foundation an exclusive interview about mentalization-based treatment (MBT) in ‘Mentalization-based treatment with Prof Anthony Bateman and Dr Ashlesha Bagadia’ - a weekly video column. MBT is a form of psychotherapy that was developed by UK-based psychoanalysts Bateman and Peter Fonagy. Prof Anthony Bateman is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst from London. He is a visiting professor at University College, London and an affiliate professor in psychotherapy at University of Copenhagen. He is the co-founder of MBT and the MBT co-ordinator at the Anna Freud Centre, London. Prof Bateman travels around the world training therapists in MBT. Dr Bagadia is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist who works in the area of attachment issues and specializes in personality disorders. If you have questions about or related to this column, please write to us at columns@whiteswanfoundation.org.

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