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Registrations for this program are now closed. To receive notifications about the next edition of the program, please write to outreach@whiteswanfoundaton.org

About the program

A one-day program that equips you to hold conversations on mental health in your organization

Depression and anxiety disorders cost the world economy USD 1 trillion per year in the form of lost productivity.*

4 out of 10 people in the workplace have depression or anxiety disorders.**

*Estimate by the World Health Organization (WHO)

**Preventive Healthcare: Impact on Corporate Sector, a report by Assocham

Mental health is one of the biggest challenges faced by the Indian workforce. Is your organization ready for it?

Get a headstart on addressing mental health at your workplace with the White Swan Foundation Mental Health Champions program.

What is the Champions program?

This one-day training event equips key stakeholders in organizations to create an environment within their team or organization where mental health can be discussed openly, and seeking help is encouraged.

Who is it for?

This program is for anyone who holds the designation of senior manager or above in their organization, is passionate about the cause of mental health, and wants to create conversations around mental health in their teams/organization. The program is beneficial for managers, business leaders, human resource (HR) or diversity and inclusion (D&I) professionals.

What can I expect in this program?

The program will give you an understanding of:

  • Mental health and what it looks like at the workplace
  • How your organization can begin to transition into being mental health-friendly, and help you conceptualize your own role in this
  • How to begin talking about mental health in your team/organization
  • In addition to this, you will receive a toolkit (with a facilitator’s guide) that will help you structure these conversations in your own workplace.

    Who is a Champion?

    A Champion is someone who is invested in the mental health of people in their spheres of influence. They empathize with the challenges of those with mental health issues and have the right knowledge and intent to drive informal conversations around the topic in order to catalyze safer and inclusive spaces.

    We already have EAP services. Why does the organization need a champion?

    Most organizations today have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that offers psychological support to employees in distress—but statistics show that it’s only a small percentage of employees who use this service.

    Worries and concerns about confidentiality, job security and lack of support function as barriers in seeking help even though it is available; possible stigma and discrimination strongly detract from seeing EAP as a real option to access help.

    Having one (or more) Mental Health Champions in your organization will help address these issues by:

  • Signaling that talking about mental health is okay
  • Creating space for people to speak openly about mental health
  • Creating more awareness on mental health
  • Communicating that the organization is invested in the mental health of its employees
  • Talk to decision makers about mental health issues commonly faced by the employees

  • Why is this important?

    Having Champions can help an organization work towards creating an inclusive setup by means of fostering:

    Preparedness: Helping employees acquire an understanding of mental health, and understanding the needs of the employees

    Allyship: By leveraging Champions as allies to employees who live with a mental illness, and who play a role in shaping the organization’s culture toward mental health

    Internal communication: By having frequent conversations on mental health, signaling to employees that the organization values their mental health and wellbeing

    The White Swan Foundation advantage

    At White Swan Foundation, we create and disseminate knowledge about mental health so that people make informed decisions. In the six years of work, having served credible and reliable information to millions and engaged directly with thousands, White Swan Foundation has developed valuable insights into the needs of those with mental health issues. Deriving from our rich learnings through several sources, our workplace mental health program aims to help organizations make their workplace inclusive and mental health-friendly, richly complementing the mental healthcare services that they offer to their employees.

    Friday, 21 February 2020, 9 am - 5 pm
    Microsoft Research Lab, Lavelle Road, Bangalore
    INR 15,000 - Inclusive of training material and toolkit
    Register at http://bit.ly/mhchamp

    If you have any difficulty in registering for this program, please write topoulomi@whiteswanfoundation.org.