BPD: Frequently asked questions

BPD: Frequently asked questions

Understanding BPD with Dr Ashlesha Bagadia

Aditi Surendra

What kind of a life can someone diagnosed with BPD expect? Will they have to be on medication forever? What about therapy? Dr Ashlesha Bagadia answers the most frequently asked questions about BPD in this last episode. The episode is beneficial to anyone who has been diagnosed and throws light on the quality of life one can expect after a diagnosis.

‘Understanding BPD with Dr Ashlesha Bagadia’ is a weekly video column about borderline personality disorder (BPD). In this column series she breaks down complex aspects of the disorder for persons diagnosed with it, their friends and family. The column will introduce the viewer to what the disorder is, explain how the diagnosis is made, what treatment involves and how BPD affects a person’s relationships.

Dr Bagadia is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist who works in the area of attachment issues and specializes in personality disorders. If you have questions about or related to this column, please write to us at columns@whiteswanfoundation.org.

Camera and editing - Mohan Kamakshi

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