Free event: Employee mental health conference 2020

Free event: Employee mental health conference 2020

Friday, 4 December 2020, 9:00 am IST to 5:00pm IST

Ranjitha Jeurkar

Ranjitha Jeurkar

About the event

White Swan Foundation’s ‘Employee Mental Health Conference 2020’ will offer a curated forum for business and HR leaders in organizations to understand the needs of the workforce and strategize towards addressing them.

This is one-day online event will feature different stakeholders who will bring their perspectives to the issues of mental health in the workplace:

  • Mental health/employee wellbeing experts from India and abroad

  • Leaders from the industry

  • Diversity and Inclusion professionals

  • EAP professionals

The event will have a series of curated sessions including:

  • Keynote address

  • Skill building workshops

  • Panel discussions

  • Conversations around mental health



Keynote address

Kelly Greenwood
Kelly Greenwood

Panel discussion: Employee wellbeing-whose responsibility is it anyway?

Free event: Employee mental health conference 2020

Panel discussion: The future of work-creating a workplace that cares

Free event: Employee mental health conference 2020

Skill building workshop: Employee emotional resilience-leading from the front

Free event: Employee mental health conference 2020

Skill building session for managers: Small steps, large impact

What’s in it for my organization?

By nominating leaders, HR managers or D&I professionals to attend the event, your organization will:

  • Access expert advice on ways to include employee mental health in the organization’s vision

  • Collect key learnings of industry leaders and mental health experts on preparing organizations to deal with the subject of employee mental health

  • Get to understand a broad framework to develop an employee mental health program for their organizations

  • Pick key skills of their choice through focused workshops

The afternoon skill building workshops will be offered in two tracks, customized for:

  1. HR/business leaders who are decision-makers in their organizations

  2. Managers who want to champion mental health in their organizations or teams, and would like some guidance on how to get started

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Free event - sign up now!

This is a free event that requires registration. Please register to book your spot; we have limited spaces available.

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