Panel discussion: Why don’t women just leave?

Panel discussion: Why don’t women just leave?

A symposium on women and abuse at home

Pavitra Jayaraman

Why do women stay for decades in an abusive relationship? Are women taken seriously when they go to the police station? What barriers do they face when they are in an abusive relationship? Will this have any long-term impact?

Watch our panelists Anuradha Kappor, founder and director, Swayam, Dr Aishwarya Pethe-Kulkarni, clinical psychologist, Kirthi Jayakumar, feminist lawyer, and Shruti Sharada, gender based violence activist in conversation with Pavitra Jayaraman of White Swan Foundation, discussing the complexities of exiting an abusive relationship.

This panel discussion was recorded as a part of the symposium on women and abuse at home, hosted by White Swan Foundation on 9th September, 2020.

You can watch a recording of the live session here:

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