Anxiety in the elderly: What's different?

Anxiety in the elderly with Dr Soumya Hegde

In the previous episode we learnt what anxiety is, and the different kinds of disorders one can have. Now, Dr Hegde tells us how anxiety in the elderly is different compared to how it manifests in adults who’re not old. She also explains the difference between anxiety disorders in the elderly and other geriatric mental illnesses, like depression and dementia; and lastly, touches upon the relationship between sleep and anxiety.

‘Anxiety in the elderly’ is a weekly video column about geriatric anxiety. In this column, geriatric psychiatrist Dr Soumya Hegde gives the viewer a thorough picture of anxiety in the elderly population. Including, the kind of anxieties they deal with, the symptoms of the anxiety, its diagnosis, treatment, and what caregivers can do to ease the elderly persons’ discomfort.

Dr Hegde specializes in the management of challenging behaviors in dementia, and other complex psychiatric presentations in the elderly population.

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Camera - Bhagyanath Viswanath

Editing - Mohan Kamakshi

Music: Dan Lebowitz - Birds in Flight via YouTube audio library

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