Anxiety in the elderly: FAQs

Anxiety in the elderly: FAQs

Anxiety in the elderly with Dr Soumya Hegde

Aditi Surendra

Aditi Surendra

Previously on this column, we learnt how an anxiety disorder is treated in an elderly population. This week, Dr Hegde answers FAQs—who should you consult for anxiety issues? What role does routine play? How can the elderly take care of themselves and what can you do to help?

‘Anxiety in the elderly’ is a weekly video column about geriatric anxiety. In this column, geriatric psychiatrist Dr Soumya Hegde gives the viewer a thorough picture of anxiety in the elderly population. Including, the kind of anxieties they deal with, the symptoms of the anxiety, its diagnosis, treatment, and what caregivers can do to ease the elderly persons’ discomfort.

Dr Hegde specializes in the management of challenging behaviors in dementia, and other complex psychiatric presentations in the elderly population.

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