Can the father's diet affect the mental wellbeing of his unborn child?

Can the father's diet affect the mental wellbeing of his unborn child?

While it is known that the mother's diet influences the unborn child physically and mentally, a new study indicates that even the father's diet has an impact on the mental health of his unborn child.

The study was conducted by Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, on male rats. While one group of the rats were allowed to eat copious amounts of food, the other group was given 25% lesser food than the former group. Professor Antonio Paolini, who led the study, stated that offspring of second group rats ate less and showed less evidence of anxiety than the former. The results suggested that the diet of one generation may affect the next.

“When you see the lower levels of anxiety as a result of reduced diet crossing generations, it raises alarm bells for the long-term potential health consequences of a society with rising levels of obesity.” he said. The full study can be found here

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