Postpartum Depression: Myths and Facts

Postpartum Depression: Myths and Facts

Myth: The feeling of sadness will go away if I ignore it or have positive thoughts.

Fact: Postpartum depression is not just a feeling of sadness but a serious illness, which requires treatment.

Myth: I have postpartum depression because I am a weak person.

Fact: Strong and intelligent women can have postpartum depression. It is not caused due to weakness or failure on your part.

Myth: If I take medication for postpartum depression, I cannot breastfeed the baby.

Fact: There are medications used to treat postpartum depression that are compatible with breastfeeding. Check with your health care provider and/or lactation consultant.

Myth: Postpartum depression can happen to me only in the first few months after birth.

Fact: It can happen during pregnancy or any time during your baby’s first year.

Myth: Because I did not have postpartum depression with my first baby, I probably will never have it.

Fact: Postpartum depression can happen with the birth of any baby.

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