Pregnancy: Role of the partner in the wellbeing of a mother

Support from the partner can help a woman manage her stress during pregnancy

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It’s not uncommon for Indian fathers-to-be to limit their role to that of a fund provider when a couple is expecting a baby. While the period of pregnancy is a time filled with hope and joy, new mothers also undergo anxiety and nervousness with regard to the health of the baby, their own health and biological complications and social and cultural stressors they face. Given these circumstances, it is important that the spouse - who is often closest to the woman - increase his participation in his partner’s life. The hesitation to participate fully during a pregnancy often comes from the lack of knowledge on how they can help, and from the misconception that birthing, babies and associated events are a woman’s business. Women with participative partners often have less psychological stress and better pregnancy and postnatal period. So what can a father-to-be do?

  • Plan the arrival of the baby with the mother. This may include planning finances for medical care, a support system that she will be comfortable with before and after birth, and making the home comfortable for the arrival of a newborn.
  • Accompany her on visits to the obstetrician to understand how her pregnancy is progressing and if there are any complications. Equip yourself with knowledge about the needs and concerns of your pregnant spouse.
  • Since most urban families are nuclear, it’s the job of the spouse to ensure that the new mother follows a nutrition plan and takes any prescribed medication on time.
  • It’s common for women to have mood swings during pregnancy. Be patient and supportive during these times.
  • Help her enjoy the pregnancy period with humor, affection and attention.
  • Support her in times of conflict with other family members. Remember, you are now a unit.
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