Pregnancy: Role of the family in the wellbeing of a mother

A good support system can go a long way in enhancing the wellbeing of an expectant mother
Pregnancy: Role of the family in the wellbeing of a mother

If the expecting parents live in a joint family, the role of the family is very important to the wellbeing of the mother. In India, women often stay with their in-laws for the better part of their pregnancy. While this often serves as a great support system, it may sometimes come with difficulties in the form of differences in opinion on traditional practices during pregnancy and after birth. The family can:

  • Ensure that the woman Is provided with nutritious food

  • Make her environment emotionally healthy

  • Be patient if she suffers from mood swings and anxiety

  • Be aware of the progress in her pregnancy without being intrusive

  • Assure her of full support in case of complications in the pregnancy

  • Educate themselves and those around them on the ills of gender selection, and not exert pressure on the new mother.

  • Respect the cultural differences between the larger family and new family that is about to begin.

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