Superhero cartoons could make children more aggressive : Study

What do superheroes in cartoons do? They save the world from bad guys and fight for a cause right?  A recent study shows that superhero cartoons are actually promoting aggression among children. What's more, the study found that children are less attracted to superheroes'  'saving the world' behavior and more attracted to their aggressive nature instead.

This year long study was conducted by a team of professors led by Sarah M. Coyne from Brigham Young University in Utah, on 240 pre-schoolers along with parents. Parents were asked various questions such as how often the children viewed superhero content and identified with the various superheroes. Children were interviewed individually and asked why the liked a particular superhero. Of them, 20% responded to liking the particular superhero for their violent nature, 10% liked them because 'they saved people', while others liked their flying abilities and their image.

The study was published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology. Read the full study here (

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