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Addiction to mobile phones can cause depression and anxiety: Study

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A person with addiction to mobile phones has a higher chance of getting depression and anxiety, says a study conducted at the University of Illinois. According to Illinois News Bureau, the study was done on 300 university students. The questionnaires provided to the sample group was based on student mental health, with questions ranging from effect of cellphone use on academic or work performance to asking students whether life is boring, uninteresting without the internet. The goal of the questionnaire was to see if there is any relationship between addictive and self destructive behaviors with phones and Internet.

Psychology professor of University of Illinois, Alejandro Lleras, said people who described themselves as having addictive style behaviors towards the Internet and cellphones scored much higher on depression and anxiety scales. To find out more about the research outcome, click here (https://news.illinois.edu/blog/view/6367/334240)

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