Mental illness: self-care

How to care for yourself when you have a mental illness
Mental illness: self-care

Self-care includes activities of daily living—like paying attention to your hygiene and living area—and other steps that you take for your physical and emotional wellbeing.

For instance, taking care of your hygiene, an activity of daily living—includes tasks like changing into a fresh set of clothes, brushing your teeth, washing your hair occasionally, cleaning your room, having a bath.

Self-care steps for your physical wellbeing includes activities like getting your required hours of sleep, exercising regularly, going for regular medical check-ups, eating three balanced meals a day at the right time. 

Taking care of your emotional wellbeing could mean having a strong support system you can reach out to when you’re dealing with an emotional crisis or just not feeling good about something—accessing therapy to find healthy ways to cope and manage situations and emotions that are difficult for you, keeping a journal, spending time with loved ones, having time to yourself.

Both mental and physical health exists on a spectrum. Depending on certain factors—biological, psychological, external events and circumstances—a person’s health can be at different points on the spectrum that extends from healthy to ill. Depending on where their wellbeing is located on the spectrum, they may be  having good or bad mental health, and good or bad physical health.  Taking the time to practice self-care as a matter of routine builds resilience, which in turn makes it easier for the mind and body to deal with a crisis situation, as well as improves the quality of your everyday life. 

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