Excuses we make to avoid yoga

Excuses we make to avoid yoga

A list of the most common excuses people gave us for not wanting to do yoga.

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 We've grown increasingly conscious about our physical fitness and lately, people have been increasingly taking up yoga as a practice. However, the majority of us are still reluctant or unwilling to take up yoga in spite of knowing about its many benefits. Here are the most common excuses most of us use to avoid doing yoga.

#1 I'm not flexible enough

Most people misunderstand flexibility as a prerequisite to do yoga. Not everyone who takes up yoga can touch their nose with their toes when they begin. In fact, flexibility is a result of doing yoga. Unlike regular exercise, the slow and controlled movements of yoga ensure that your muscles develop evenly across the bone structure. This increases your flexibility. There are various types of yoga from which you can choose, depending on your body type and temperament.

#2 I don't have the time

This is a common excuse for almost any activity these days. However, many of us particularly avoid yoga believing that we may need to meditate for hours on end. It is true that practicing some of the advanced forms of yoga requires a significant amount of time, but there are many shorter sessions that you can fit into your schedule.

#3 Yoga is too advanced for me

As mentioned in point #1, not everyone begins practicing yoga with the ability to perform the complicated poses we see yogis perform on television. Everybody starts as a beginner and slowly gets better at it. As with any other practice, your progress will depend on the regularity and sincerity with which you approach yoga.

#4 I'd rather just go for a run or to the gym

This is a perfectly legitimate reason and it is important that you continue working on your physical fitness. However, yoga does have some additional benefits which you can read about here; it may benefit you to include some yoga in your fitness regime as it can help aspects of your regular exercise routine, for instance, it can help prevent injury.

#5 Yoga classes are very expensive

This is partly true; yoga centers in some of the big cities do charge a significant amount but there are centers that offer entry-level courses for a nominal amount. Many of them cost less than the membership at your neighborhood gym. However, if you don't want to 'pay for yoga', there are many instructional videos and guides available online, on YouTube for instance, or some free and low-cost apps available for your phone.

#6 It’s just plain boring

At some point of time in your life you've probably thought the same about a book or movie, and later really enjoyed that very one. Yoga might look boring at first but give it a fair try. It helps enhance your mood and is known to boost subjective aspects such as peace, happiness and contentment. It sometimes helps if you can reshuffle the order of your yoga routines, in order to make it less monotonous. You might actually find that you really enjoy yoga.

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