NIMHANS celebrates World Mental Health Day

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“Every person is entitled to their dignity, even criminals. Then why should people with mental illness be left out?” asked J Arun Chakravarthy, Inspector General of Police, central range, Karnataka and chief guest at an event marking World Mental Health Day, at the National Institute of Mental Health And Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) on Monday. The event was jointly organized by NIMHANS along with Dharwad Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (DIMHANS) and Karnataka chapter of the Indian Psychiatric Society . A team of 30 people, including doctors from DIMHANS rode over 600 km from Dharwad to Bangalore and stopped at various points during the ride to spread awareness on mental health.    

Speaking on the occasion, Chakravarthy talked about society’s apathy towards the needs of persons with mental illness. He also added that urbanization and economic prosperity is marginalizing the mentally ill rather than including them in the society.

Talking on the topic of ‘Dignity in Mental Health’, which is this year’s theme for Mental Health Day celebrations, Dr P Satish Chandra, director of NIMHANS elaborated on the role of awareness in ensuring that persons with mental illness are treated with dignity.

DIMHANS director, Dr Raveesh BN  added  called upon restoring the dignity of the mentally ill in society and added that dignity should be a universal concept and not be denied to any person. The event was attended by caregivers and families of persons with mental illness. 

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