Domestic violence and the Indian workplace

An ebook by Diversity Dialogues
Domestic violence and the Indian workplace

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior displayed by a person living in a domestic setup where they physically and mentally harm (or threaten to harm) a person within the household. While it is often perceived as a private matter, there are many reported incidents of domestic violence perpetuated at a person's workplace. Social factors like shame and fear deter employees from addressing the topic or seeking help at workplaces.

Diversity Dialogues, a collective representing multiple affinity groups working on inclusion across gender, disability, LGBTQ, generational diversity has put together a guide addressing the need to focus on domestic violence at the Indian workplace. This resource also focuses on what organizations must consider while developing a domestic violence program and creating a support ecosystem for employees.

Healing from an abusive relationship
Domestic violence and the Indian workplace

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