How can my organization support employees during layoffs?

How can my organization support employees during layoffs?

Addressing your employees' mental health during this stressful period is crucial.

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Fairly often, organizations lay off employees at short notice, and ask them to leave by the end of the day. However, some organizations are now implementing layoffs in a planned fashion by tying up with providers of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).

Employees who have migrated from another city, those who have several dependents, and those who have loans or substantial financial liabilities are likely to be at greater risk than others. Special efforts need to be made to address their concerns and offer psychological support.

Organizations that wish to offer psychological support during layoffs can have mental health professionals on board during this period. They can offer psychological support to employees who are struggling with the shock and a sense of overwhelm. This could happen in different ways. The counselor may:

  • Coach the manager/HR executive on how to deliver the news

  • Be present in the meeting where the employee is laid off, to offer immediate support if required

  • Be available for psychological support to employees after they are laid off

  • Address the employees in a group, or in one-on-one sessions

Sometimes, employees who have not been laid off may also have been dealing with stress, worry and a feeling of loss. The organization’s EAP services can be used to remind employees that help is at hand, and they can reach out if they feel overwhelmed.

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