What constitutes a mentally healthy workplace?

Mentally healthy workplaces
What constitutes a mentally healthy workplace?
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“One of the biggest contributions a workplace can make for its employees is to be accepting of differences; whether professional differences, role differences, or personality differences. Just being accepting of these differences helps create a culture of acceptance.”

Lynette Nazareth, Program Director, CGP India

Employee engagement and clarity

When employees have a clear job role and expectations; are engaged and go beyond the scope of just their work, they can be mentally happy.


Where people are happy to come back to work the next day, and not in a hurry to leave. Their happiness can be influenced by the nature of work, job requirement matching the employee’s skill set, work ethics, seating, ventilation, etc.

Empathy and sensitivity

Managers are trained to identify people who are in distress/facing difficulties; and encourage them to seek the help they need.

Positive thinking

Positive thinking is encouraged and people are appreciated when something good happens.

Open communication

Open communication and clear communication channels are welcome. They reduce the chances of grapevine (gossip) from bringing in negativity. Awareness about the organization’s structure, practices and purpose is also essential.

Inclusion, diversity and safety

Where a diverse set of people can work without the fear of being stigmatized, harassed or bullied - those with a mental illness, physical illness, physical deformity, LGBTQIA+ community, women, people practicing different religions, people with different ethnicity and recovered addicts.

Support and nonjudgmental attitude

An amicable and supportive environment makes it easier to access and seek mental health help when required, without being judged for it.

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